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Malaysian Prince Comes To Beijing To Help China Achieve

 International Etiquette Standards


            The Academy of International Lifestyles Limited aims to facilitate better integration and understanding by courses throughout the PRC.


              Beijing 31 March 2004-HRH Tunku (Prince) Naquiyuddin, son of the 10th King of Malaysia and grandson of the 1st King flew into Beijing recently specifically to establish alliances with two leading Chinese companies for The Academy of International Lifestyles Limited, of which he is Chairman.


              To mark the event, China Media Development incorporation subordinated to Xinhua News Agency and Beijing-based APEC (Academy of Professional Education and Counselling) hosted a combined press conference for The International Lifestyles at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on Wednesday March 31.


              HRH Tunku (Prince) Naquiyuddin, John Cohen, Managing Director of The Academy, Tsui King Ming, General Manager of China Media Development Incorporation, and James Yang, Executive Director of APEC, expressed in the press conference, the objective of these three prestigious organizations coming together is to expand China’s international image by providing etiquette training programmes of the highest caliber to help Chinese citizens interact more effectively with foreigners at all levels.


              The Prince is no novice when it comes to education.  He is also Chairman of the Board of Governors of Tuanku Ja’afar College in Malaysia, an English style boarding school where students are taught international etiquette from a very early age. “  I am a great believer in the need for people of all ages, all nationalities and all cultures to be able to live and work together in harmony and that is exactly what we teach at Tuanku Ja’afar college, and what we will teach in china ” he said.


              Within the framework of Chinese culture the Chinese people have an outstanding reputation for displaying good manners to one another and this has been of greater need for China’s citizens to become more international in their thinking and behaviour.  China’s international involvement in politics, economics, technology, culture and sports and the travels of its people to far away places to attend conferences, seminars and business meetings is also a major contributing factor.  Admission to the WTO has brought great international recognition and has resulted in a huge influx of visitors and foreign investment, so much so that many Chinese people will leave china to work in foreign or Chinese companies overseas.


              The Academy of International Lifestyles Limited will operate training courses, starting in Beijing, and expanding into other major cities of China soon after.  Initially the company will concentrate on providing 2-day courses to staff members of government departments, local and multinational companies, foreign embassies and others who have a need to interact with foreigners.  The 5 segments to each course will cover general manners, deportment, dress sense, grooming and personal hygiene.


              “In order for China to keep pace with developments, and for our venture to be successful, it is necessary for the population at large to develop a better understanding of international lifestyles and business etiquette” Tunku (prince) Naquiyuddin said.  He also emphasized that as Beijing prepares for the Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai gets ready to stage the World Expo 2 years later that there is no better opportunity for China to showcase itself to their visitors.”  We hope to train all those who will be involved in coordinating the Olympic Games and World Expo”, he added.


              John Cohen stated that it is The Academy’s mission to become the preeminent teaching authority all over China in the area of international etiquette with highly trained teachers, advanced teaching techniques and programmes that have been thoroughly researched and designed specifically for the Chinese market.  During the 1970’s and 80’s when Hong Kong was attracting huge numbers of foreign enterprises, just as China is now, he planned and implemented etiquette training programmes for many multinational companies to assist their local staff to better understand their foreign employers and to allow them to interact more effectively with their foreign customers.


              “Actions speak much louder than words ” he said “a nice big bright smile, a gentle hand gesture, good table manners, a well groomed appearance, a straight posture –these are the things that really matter”, Mr. Cohen added.  He also stressed that while he has the highest respect for any Chinese person who takes an English language course he was quick to point out that a large proportion of those who will come to China for the Olympic Games and the World Expo will not be English or Mandarin speakers.


              “Tsui King Ming, General Manager of China Media Development Inc and James Yang of APEC both felt that cooperation between the 3 companies should be to fuse Chinese culture and heritage with those of all countries around the world so that Chinese should be to fuse Chinese culture and heritage with those of all countries around the world so that Chinese citizens will be better able to interact internationally and therefore make a greater contribution to China.


              Another press conference will be staged in about one month from now to mark the launch of the courses.  At this event the Academy’s celebrity Etiquette Directors Michael Wong and his wife Janet Ma will take the lead role.