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Looking for Collaborating Partners


Etiquette learning is becoming increasingly popular in Beijing and the year 2005 has been regarded as Beijing Citizen Learning Etiquette Year.


The Academy of International Lifestyles Limited is the only International Etiquette training facilitator with internationalism, high quality and high taste and with a strong team behind us.


In order to develop the project well, we are looking for promising organizations or individuals who have the same or familiar customer resources to join us.  The best choices for us are the agencies that are engaged in sending students abroad, language trainings, vocational education trainings and other relevant trainings.  Preferred collaborating partners are sending students abroad, language training centres, vocational education training centres and other relevant training centres.


For further details, contact:

Tel: +86 10 5869 1269/59/19
Fax: +86 10 5869 1829

Contact person: Kitty Zuo